Volunteer Sign-Up Guidance

Thank you for being willing to volunteer your time to help our players develop a love for soccer.

Step by Step Directions

Click the Volunteer Tab

After you have logged in you need to click the volunteer tab on the left side of the page.

Complete the Checklist

There are 3 classes you must complete before you can submit your background check (Risk Status).  Click the box next to "Concussion Certificate", "Certificate of Sudden Cardiac Arrest", and "SafeSports Certificates".

Then click "Renew and Update"

Complete the Trainings or Upload Certificates

If you already have certificates for the required trainings you can upload copies of them here.  If you haven't already completed them then click "Begin Training" to be transferred to the US Soccer Learning Center.

US Soccer

Once you have completed all of our classes the system should automatically link them from your US Soccer Account and your Sports Connect account.  It may take a day or 2 for them to appear.


Make sure you use the same email for both your volunteer account and your US soccer Account.

Ready to Start?

Click the button to begin your soccer coaching journey today!